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A Personal Bespoke Lifestyle Plan Built Around Nutrition And Fitness

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Two lives


What's Your Why

Since I started sharing my methodology and coaching people through it, my clients have achieved a 92% success rate. 

However, as time passed, I learned more and refined things. It enabled me to understand precisely who will benefit from the program most. And since then, my clients have achieved a 100% success rate. 

I love the saying opposite by Confucius, as it perfectly encapsulates the type of individuals who will be a perfect fit to work together through the program. Life can be a cruel but beautiful teacher, and unfortunately, most of the time, we have to receive a harsh and painful life lesson to understand how precious it is. 

So if the saying resonates with you and you are ready to learn how to become your best, healthiest version forever. Keep reading, and let's chat.  

Method Quote 2

not just a six-pack

A lifestyle change

This is a lifestyle change; it is an education program to teach, coach, and provide you with the tools and knowledge to be fit and healthy FOREVER. To enable you to make the most of your current time and add years to your natural time. 

It takes focused and consistent work. So, if you are looking for a shortcut, quick fix, or magic pill, this isn't it.

It's more than just looking good, so I focus on improving the primary markers linked to avoidable health diseases: Resting heart rate, waist measurement, cholesterol, blood pressure, and stress levels.

As well as an often overlooked area of health among the vast majority of those in their mid to later life, body composition: Bone density, body fat levels, muscle size and strength.

how it works

The Three Pillars

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Mental, Physical and Financial well-being are all imperative to enhancing and extending your time. You can't work on a single aspect of well-being in isolation. If you are in this for the long term, they are all imperative and should be interdependent, not independent.
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A single point or metric does not identify a healthy disposition; it sits on a spectrum. Everyone has health; what type of health depends on where you are along the spectrum.
Pyramid diagram on fitness training
For authentic, deep, and fully rounded physical health, forever. You must focus on five fundamental areas, and the 'what and how' within each must be specific to you.



This is the bedrock of the plan. It focuses on the five fundamental areas and the specific things needed to improve your health. We build a bespoke plan on each, providing you with the knowledge, education and tools to take this into the rest of your life.
The time spent in the gym is super important, but paradoxically its not the most important
Little changes to your lifestyle can make drastic improvements here
The part that most people get wrong, and have the least understanding about. You can't out train bad nutrition
If you don't get this right, it almost doesn't matter how good the other aspects are. That's how important this is
This is the rock, the core - this is the reason you will do this forever


Backed by data and science

My theory and methodology are not new; it contains no hidden or new magical way of working. It is based on years of scientific peer-reviewed research, the education I have and continue to do and the experience, data and lessons learned from myself and the people I have and continue to work with
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Avoidable health conditions 
  • Very low life expectancy
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Pre-avoidable health conditions
  • Low life expectancy
  • Some attention to lifestyle 
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of execution
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Attention to detail
  • Consistency 
  • Professional/ extreme competitive athlete 
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Avoidable health conditions
  • Very low life expectancy



When can I start my one-to-one coaching program?

I'd love to help change many lives with direct one-to-one coaching. However, a lot of work is involved when working with each client. So, I have a limit on how many I can work with at any time. If I am at the limit, then I can add you to the waiting list and let you know as soon as I have availability. 

My next available slot is January 2024

How long do your programs last?

The central aspect of my program is to educate, coach and teach you to be self-sufficient. So, ultimately, I would like to make myself redundant. In the main, this typically takes six months (which is the basis of my program). However, the program can be extended if we require more time together. 

What if I cant work with you 121?

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to work with everyone, and I'm aware some may not have the finances. Therefore I provide as much information and education as possible throughout this website to enable everyone and anyone to start this journey themselves.

How long is your programme

It is a six-month programme. However, some clients stay for more coaching after the initial program ends. 

Will you work with anyone

No, this is not for everyone; as mentioned, this is not a body transformation program; I have no interest in getting someone in shape for a holiday (although I can do that, it's not my joy or passion). However, there are some fantastic coaches and programs for that, and if that is what you want, I can happily signpost you to them. 

This is a lifestyle coaching program and lifestyle change. If the below quote resonates with you, then I'm sure we will work brilliantly together:

"You have two lives. The second life begins when we realise we only have one." (Confucius)

Do you offer in person coaching?

The program is intended to be 100% remote. However, if you are local, we can meet in person for our consultation and some initial sessions to ensure you are comfortable and competent with the training program.  

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Unfortunately not. Although I believe 100% in my theory, methodology, tools and techniques & I have many successful use cases. I am but 20% of the equation. The vast majority of success and your success will ultimately depend on you!

Do you offer speaking?

Yes, I offer corporate speaking; check out the corporate page.

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