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“don't train for a six pack, train for the health benefits that come with having a six pack”

Personal, Professional Lifestyle Coach And Consultant

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I help busy executives

Find Balance

The statistics that link busy executives with stress, chronic illnesses and diseases, and the impact this has on health, well-being, productivity, friends, family and loved ones are severe. 

I was that busy executive working in global organisations, flying around the world and being responsible for multi-million dollar contracts, teams, targets and deadlines, juggling life's other responsibilities with trying to be a great husband and dad while doing my best to manage my mental, physical and financial well-being simultaneously. 

As hard as I tried, I found it impossible to find consistency across all aspects of my life. Working on one part, be it professional, personal, financial, mental or physical, would ultimately negatively impact one or more of the others. 

Then, in 2015, as it inevitably always will, life hit me hard. This sent me on a journey of learning and discovery, leading me back to education, gaining my qualifications and building my philosophy and methodology, focusing on physical well-being through nutrition and fitness.

I've subsequently helped many other busy professional executives with their physical well-being, providing the foundations for them to build on for a well-rounded, balanced life. 

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Yes, you will see some fantastic physical transformations in these pictures.

However, those are just a nice secondary benefit, the icing. The real impact is what happens inside and its life-changing effects on you and your loved ones. Forever.

Take a read of some of the great case studies. 

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Is my approach right for you?

This is not a body transformation program. Yes, my methodology focuses mainly on the physical well-being side, but its main goal is not aesthetics. My mission is to help you get the most from the most valuable thing we will ever own: TIME. 

"To enhance your current time and extend your natural time."

Chronic disease and illness linked to ill health are the biggest killers in today's modern world. However, I also believe that stress is a massively overlooked silent killer. A well-rounded, healthy disposition is the most significant thing anyone can do to impact their life positively.

Unfortunately, the current yo-yo trend of getting healthy and unhealthy over and over again is one of the most detrimental things you can do for your health. Let's break this together by applying my methodology to build a bespoke lifestyle plan to keep you healthy forever. 

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