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The Butterfly Effect

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April 30, 2023 Trevor Dias

I'd like you to take a minute to think of something beyond yourself. Something we always forget, but can, and should be, another huge reason for you to be healthy.

This is the impact you have on others. Consider the actions you take, the things you say, the way you act and the things you do; all have a tremendous influence and impact on those around you. And I mean everything, even what you think might be small and inconsequential.

Sometimes, even more, powerful than all, those are the things you don't do or say.

The Butterfly Effect

Agh, yes, the butterfly effect: The idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system.

And when it comes to your health and fitness, this is an absolute truth:

"Health and Fitness won't just improve the quality of your life. Just wait to see its impact on your loved ones."

The great thing about the Time Pyramid is that it can also be used to show/ demonstrate the impact and importance of each fundamental item on those around you; Your loved ones, family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

All you need to do is invert it.

Have you ever seen the philosophical picture, which shows two people standing opposite each other, pointing at what looks like some blocks on the floor? The person on the left is adamant there are four blocks, and the person on the right is insistent there are three.

But, of course, in reality, they are both right, and it depends on the perspective of each person's position.


The Time Pyramid is just like this.

The Time Pyramid is just like this. Look at it from the perspective of impacting your health; it looks great, makes perfect sense, and works fantastic. However, it is inversed when someone else looks at it from the perspective of how your health impacts them - an upside-down pyramid with the essential items in reverse order.

This makes sense, as the foundations of the Time Pyramid, although of utmost importance, are mainly invisible to everyone else:

No one can see your WHY; it is intangible and can't be physically touched or seen. Nor is it something you will ever openly express to many, if any, people at all.

Very few people (except your partner) will physically see you change your sleep/ rest patterns. If you have young kids, they won't even notice (typically, they will be asleep long before you anyway).

However, be consistent with both of these, and over time, people can and will start to notice a difference - but this takes a long time, and even then, it is intangible and can't be touched or physically seen.

Only as you move through the Time Pyramid can the changes you make through Nutrition, Activity & Training be physically seen by others. And these will be noticed first by your closest family, friends and colleagues.

  • Usually, opt for a burger most days for lunch; they'll soon notice the salad.
  • Drive the car two miles each way on the school run; they'll soon notice you walking.
  • Always have a bottle of Coke on your desk; they'll soon notice the water bottle instead.
  • Usually, go for a drink after work; they'll soon notice you leave the office with a gym bag.

Have children or loved ones at home? Well, get ready for a HUGE unintentional benefit.

"Kids don't do what they are told; they do what they are shown."


Don't tell your kids it's important to train. Just do it; they will soon notice, get inquisitive and ask questions. In no time, they will want to imitate you and join you.

More importantly, you will be fitter, stronger, and healthier and have more focus, clarity and energy to play with your kids and engage with your family, friends and loved ones.

Don't ever again let it be you who brings a halt to the game you are playing with the kids because you are not fit enough, strong enough or have enough energy.

There will come a day, and you will never know it at the time when it will be the very last time you:

  • Push your kid on a swing
  • Play hide and seek with them
  • Chase your kid to catch them and tickle them until they cry
  • Let go of the saddle when teaching them how to ride a bike

Don't let your health prematurely bring an end to any of those.


One of the simplest but best ways to get active is to walk, leave the house, get away from the TV and discover nature and fresh air.

When you make this a family activity, amazing things will happen. Some of the most insightful, deep, fun, engaging and meaningful conversations with my kids, family and friends have been when we go out walking.

Also, the fun and enjoyment you will have is like nothing else. You'll run up hills, roll down hills, jump in puddles, climb trees, jump over obstacles… And after a while, your kids and partner will also join in.

We walk a lot as a family, and we regularly have our wider family and friends join us - by far, it is one of the most enjoyable things any of us do… And it is completely 100% free!


I firmly believe that one of, if not the biggest killers in the UK is not a hereditary disease but a hereditary diet. So what are you teaching your kids about nutrition?

Don't tell your kids:

  • Sugar is bad; then let them see you eat a chocolate bar twice a day.
  • Certain foods are unhealthy; then eat takeaways multiple times a week.
  • They need to drink more water; then consume three cans of Coke daily.

Just start eating better. Eat whole foods, nutritious foods, take time to cook, eat fruits and vegetables, and drink water. They will soon notice, and just like the exercise, they will become inquisitive, ask questions and imitate you.

Sleep & Why:

These are unseen, they can't be physically touched or seen, so they will take a while to notice or be impacted. However, over time they will notice something profoundly different with you.

They won't be able to pinpoint or describe it, and they will never mention it to you. But they will see and feel a different you; Your new energy, enthusiasm and motivation will rub off on them. And in turn, they will start to act and behave differently.

Before you know it, you will have one of the most significant and influential impacts on your loved ones and those around you. And the best thing about it is you will not have had to say, tell or preach a single word.

I don't know you're WHY - however, I promise this alone will rival it for the drive and enthusiasm it gives you to stay healthy.

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